Monthly Archives: September 2019

Women’s Ministry Workshop : Developing Secure Attachments

The Special Ministries department in conjunction with an NGO, Hope Connect, held the second of two workshops of 2019 on Wednesday (25/09/2019). These workshops are part of a continuing developing series concerning the need for parents and children or in the case of abandoned, orphaned and fostered children, and their carers to develop good personal SECURE relationships with children. The overall title of the workshops is DEVELOPING SECURE ATTACHMENTS.

In the workshop attended by numbers of people, the speakers, who are professional child psychologists, explained how the results of studies conducted through observation throughout different cultures and at different times, are showing the same pattern. That is that the interpersonal communication done by the parents or adults around children, especially infants, would influence them as they grow up. The study also revealed through doing close observation and developing close relationships at a young age can help the parent/carer detect possible problems in many areas, early on.

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