The Theological College of Zimbabwe (TCZ) is an interdenominational, evangelical college in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, developing Christian leaders for effective leadership and ministry in both the Church and society.

Our Purpose

The Theological College of Zimbabwe exists t develop Christian Leaders committed of effective leadership and ministry in both the church and society

To this end:
-We strive to be an evangelical institution of quality and excellence;
-We aim to develop graduates who are able to live out a relevant faith and who are committed to the growth of the Kingdom in both church and society;
-We purpose to develop academic excellence, spiritual maturity, and vocational effectiveness in our students

Academic Goals:
To firmly ground students in the Biblical, doctrinal and historical content of the Christian faith;
-To promote scholarship and to develop reflective thinking and critical discernment;
-To encourage the pursuit of academic excellence in both faculty and students, in the teaching and learning processes;
-To help students become life-long learners;
-To develop skills necessary to implement the above

Spiritual Goals:
-To develop within students an appreciation of their spiritual gifts;
-To develop within students a balance between the internal and external dimensions of their faith;
-To encourage the spiritual and devotional life of students for the purpose of developing a spirit of godliness, and deeper commitment to fellow Christians and to service for the church.



TCZ History

The Theological College of Zimbabwe was established in May 1979 by the African Evangelical Fellowship. In 1986 oversight of the college was transferred to the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ).

 To strengthen the support base of the College and to widen its effectiveness, the College was granted autonomy by the EFZ in November 1997. TCZ was chartered in July 1998 as the Theological College of Zimbabwe Trust. As an independent institution, the College maintains its interdenominational and multicultural distinctions, provides high-level, quality education and training for Christian ministry within the Southern African sub-region. TCZ reflects a diversity of nationalities and Church traditions as represented in the faculty and student body.

 In recent years the College has had students from the DRC, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, and also from the UK, USA and Italy. Furthermore, the Church has had representatives within our student body, from the Anglican Church, Apostolic Faith Mission, Assemblies of God, Brethren in Christ Church, Baptist Church, Seventh Day Adventists Church, Methodist Church, Presbyterian Family Covenant Church and other independent churches. The eclectic, evangelical fellowship at the college provides a fertile learning environment in which fellow believers can freely and openly discuss their religious views. TCZ imposes no particular form of Church government on the students. In the interest of academic integrity, we also do not allow our students and faculty, as college representatives, to impose particular beliefs (such as mode of baptism or speaking in tongues), on others.  Rather, we seek a responsible interaction between various view points.

Currently, the college offers three accredited programmes which are: a two year diploma in Theology, a four year honours degree in Theology, and a one year post graduate honours degree in Theology. An unaccredited women’s ministry certificate is also available. The credited programmes are offered conventionally, as well as in block release format. We also offer refresher courses and special ministries, in the forms of symposia workshops and enriching seminars, to the local churches.

Accreditation: TCZ is a registered educational institution whose programmes are accredited by the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU).


The Theological College of Zimbabwe upholds timeless Biblical values and truths that enable us to serve generations to come. These biblical values and truths form the bedrock of this College and guide us.  We cherish truth, love, peace, justice, tolerance, freedom, and prosperity in search of that which is honourable, lovely, pure, right, praiseworthy, excellent and of good repute under God‘s guidance

All truth is God’s truth and we believe that God’s revelation of Himself and His truth is seen in all areas of life as well as in His word. This provides a holistic life-style in areas of academics, sports, leisure, work, family, environment and relationships.

.Our programmes are structured around three building blocks: foundational elements, personal application and public application. In seeking to be relevant within a global village, we encourage our faculty, staff and students to develop an African Biblical Worldview that enables them to reflect on their social, political, economic, religious, cultural, and geographical sense of being. We strive to learn and teach, from different viewpoints; to develop scholars who are capable of studying and thinking independently, analyzing situations, and equipping themselves with tools for research and communication.