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Meet The Alumni

Mandlenkosi Moyo, a full-time pastor and part-time tutor at Zimbabwe Online University, was a BA in Theology and Honours programme in Practical Theology student at TCZ from 1997 to 2002. Now a peace building activist, Pastor Moyo recalled that beyond the classes, both students and lecturers became a community, which he found very helpful to get him through the student years. Pastor Moyo also emphasized that his years at TCZ are very important. He said, “…It was enriching. I was exposed to Theological concepts and even my relationship with God also improved.”

Asked how studying at TCZ helped him through further education and career, Pastor Moyo stated that “TCZ played a pivotal role in my life, without having been in TCZ it’s a clear fact that I would not met these further studies as I used my qualifications from TCZ to apply for them.”

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