Corona Virus 19

A pandemic and scourge that has caused social and economic havoc amongst the vulnerable communities.  Whether it is a clarion call to the nations or God’s mega phone to the public, it does not matter, because the message is clear. Change or you will perish. The urgency and inevitability of this change is so demanding that it does not give any one an option.  It has left and continue to cause wide spread destruction indiscriminately, the world over.  Zimbabwe and Theological College of Zimbabwe in particular, are no exceptions.

The New Normal

 The World Health Organisation’s guidelines, Government’s restrictions particularly the lockdown brought us to a point where we had to do things differently. Necessity is the mother of invention. We had planned to introduce online educational delivery system. This was brought forward as we quickly regrouped and decided to have a blended learning approach, of which the conventional was part. This blended learning approach is mainly online which has come with its pros and cons. Some of the advantages are; the increase in student numbers due to accessibility of the programmes, less expenses due to less transport cost, reduction of the need for physical classroom space, training is done in proximity to where one applies the skills and knowledge learnt and lecturers can teach from anywhere in the world.

The Need

The need for ongoing training in this case cannot be over emphasised. New learning systems and developing pedagogical aspects of the online methodology is critical. The need for resources and equipment that can be used to facilitate ITC is not easily available to us hence, it is a challenge. Internet connectivity and reliability is also out of our hands. Be that as it may, we believe that this is the new normal and TCZ will not be the same again. Watch this space.  

Yours in Christ, Ray Motsi

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