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Welcome to the Admsoni Nyoni Library page where you can learn about the key aspects of the library and how you can manoeuvre our online resources and all that we have to offer. You can also utilise our OPAC and have a feel of our physical collection.

Our History

Theological College of Zimbabwe Library is known as Adamsoni Nyoni Memorial Library in honour of AdamsoniNyoni who pioneered the development of the library to the current state it is now. The library started offwith a few resources and continued to develop under different librarians who later joined the library afterthe passing of Admson Nyoni. As other libraries at the time, the library used the Browne library system forcirculation services together with the card catalog system. However, as time passed with new technologydevelopment, the library purchased Heritage Software as its first Library Management System. As new softwarewere developed, in 2010, the library shifted to the now popular KOHA library Management System. This hasseen the library progressing in its operations to where it is now were apart from physical books, thelibrary now has a significant collection of e-resources as part of its collections.


The library houses a collection of over 16 000 physical books in addition to electronic resources. This collection includes books, scholarly journals, magazines, biographies, bible dictionaries and encyclopaedias, maps, etc. As a theological institution, more than 80 percent of the collection is Theology materials which are supplemented by other disciplines to support full scholarship for theological leaders as they deal and are affected by different social, economic, technological issues.

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Resources & Services

Reading Space

Open from 0800 to 1630

In addition to books, the library offer a convenient space for quiet reading

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Research Support & Reference Services

Ask a Librarian

To achieve the mission of supporting curricular, the library also offer research assistance to our patrons. For effective research support book in advance through this form.

For any help with general queries, you can be assisted at the front desk. You can also inquire through the WhatsApp platform.

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Lending Services (Circulation)

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Circulation of library materials ensures fair access to all our library users. One should be a registered member to be able to access library materials. When borrowing materials, a due date should be stamped on the due date slip. Indicating when the resource should be returned. From this due date, each patron is allowed a once off renewal of the items they borrow after which a fine will accrue on a daily basis for each item. The library has a cut off amount for which fines can accrue before the borrowing rights can be terminated.

NB: Fines charges are subject to change anytime.

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Library Orientation and Training

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The library is the hub for non- academic training such as library orientation, soft skills, etc. You are free to request training and this can be arranged either at individual basis or as a group. It is however, mandatory for all new students and any interested student to attend library orientation at the beginning of the semester. Through library orientation, one will be equipped with library skills that will facilitate them to manoeuvre around the library, learn how to identify, retrieve and utilise library resources independently.

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WHat else is in your collection?

The online catalogue helps users search our collection holdings in the comfort of their homes. One can log into their account and see the materials they have borrowed, place holdings, suggest purchases, and check if they have accumulated any fines.

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E-Journals (On Campus and Off Campus) and Print journals

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Journals are a critical component for scholarly research hence have a collection of both physical and online journals. These offer scholarly materials covering a variety of disciplines. We have also added a number of free Theology databases.

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E-Past exam Papers

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The library has both physical and soft copies of past exam papers that students can utilise for revision. You can either visit for phyical copies or access the on Moodle

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Computers and Wi-Fi services

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To facilitate current research, we offer Wi-Fi and computers for research purposes.

Plagiarism and Cheating

Avoid academic dishonest?

Students are strongly urged to familiarise themselves with the College policies on plagiarism and cheating to avoid plagarism which canb lead to failing courses or possible expulsion. ( See also the Lifestyle Covenant ). More details on avoiding plagiarism are on the LIBGUIDES section.

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Membership to the library is open to Registered Students, Staff, Non-academic staff, Alumni, and General readers (members of the community who are interested in reading and research).

TCZ Students

When you register as student, you automatically become a library member, you are only required to have your library account activated.

Non TCZ student: General Readers

If you are a leader in your congregation or an individual who is interested in reading and research, you can become a library member of TCZ. You only need to register with us in either of the following categories:

Membership for a year


Membership for six months


Membership for three months


Daily Reading


Loan Periods

All books from the Open shelves can be loaned out except for the reserve and reference sections which can only be read within the library. The amount of books and the loan periods for each member type are as follows:

CategoryStaffStudentsAlumniGeneral Readers
Open Shelf Books15104Max 4
Loan PeriodTwo weeksTwo weeksTwo weeksTwo weeks

NB: The library reserves the right to shorten the normal loan period to recall library materials before their due date when there are urgent requests such as: when the materials are needed for preparing course materials, when the materials are to be placed on reserve, inta alia.

As a library member you are highly recommended to return the books in time to allow for fair circulation of resources with other members. Failure to return borrowed resources on time, a fine is charged per day per each resource. More information is given in the library policy handbook.


Phone numbers: +(263) 29 2287032 

Monday – Friday: 8.00am – 5.00pm

Closed Weekends and Public Holidays