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The TCZ library houses a collection of over 14,500 books and receives more than 60 journals and magazines per year. In addition to these print resourses, utilising the power of the computers and the Internet, library members have access to countless digital resources.

History of the Library

The Adamson Nyoni Memorial Library is a key department of the college. It provides the foundation of reading and research throughout a student’s college career. The library houses a collection of over 14,500 books and receives more than 60 journals and magazines. In addition to these print resources, utilising the power of the computers and the Internet, library members have access to countless digital resources. Besides books, journals and digital resources, the library has an impressive array of multimedia resources, including audio cassettes, DVDs, Bible maps, and other visual aids.

The Theological College of Zimbabwe Library exists to support the mission of the College by providing information resources in a variety of formats and library services to our students, faculty, staff and to a lesser extent the local church and community. 

In order to accomplish this mission, the Library has the following goals:

  1. To provide information resources in print, electronic and audiovisual formats to support all areas of the College’s curriculum,
  2. To provide information resources to support the spiritual and personal growth of our students,

To provide information on the integration of the Christian faith with the various disciplines of knowledge,

  1. To provide information resources to support Christian ministry being carried out by our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and others in our local churches and community,
  2. To provide students with instruction on information literacy—that is to instruct students how to find appropriate, quality information needed for educational assignments and life.


As a theological college, 90 percent of our collection falls under the 200 class of the DDC System. However, we also have materials in other classes such as African collections, General Biographies,   This collection is comprised of books, Dissertations, Journals, CD’s, Video and Audio cassettes, Maps, and Reference materials.

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The Purpose of the Library

The library exists as the epicenter for your research and information needs. It is only important for you to know how to fully utilize its resources. For effective use of the library, you need to know resources available and how to use them. Here is an overview of what we have on offer.


Is the library open during holidays?

The library is closed during public holidays unless it has been specifically communicated.

How long can I stay with a borrowed book?

You can stay with a borrowed book for two weeks and if you steel need the book, you can renew the book once. After this renewal, you have to return the book to the library.

Is the library open during holidays?

The library is closed during public holidays unless it has been specifically communicated.

Can I borrow materials from the reference section?

Materials on the reference section are for reading within the library, hence you cannot borrow them.

What is the reserve section?

The reserve section is the section where books that are critical and recommended for a particular course by your lectures are placed so that there can be fair circulation of those materials.

Can I access e-journals when I am at the campus if I dont have a laptop?

Yes you can access e-journals on campus even if you don’t have a laptop. You can use the library computers or you can use computers in the main computer lab

Can I book a one on one research assistance session with the librarians?

If you need research assistance, you are free to book the librarian through the Ask A Librarian page where you will need to fill up a form exaplining your challenges so that the librarian can know the extent of your cahllenges and slot time for you either physical or online.



  • Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)
  • E-Journals (On Campus and Off Campus) and Print journals
  • E-Past exam Papers
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Physical Books
  • Computers for researching
  • Reading Space


The Adamson Nyoni Library strives to provide quality services and access to information resources through quality services.  The main thrust is to provide lending services to our registered students, staff and as well Christian leaders in the community. To enhance our services we offer the following services and resources:

Reading Space:

In addition to books, the library offer a convenient space for quiet reading

Research Support:

To achieve our goal of supporting curricular, the library also offer research assistance to our patrons. Should you need any assistance you can book in advance through the form below. GOOGLE FORM

Lending Services (Circulation):

Circulation of library materials is done to ensure there is fair access to all our library users. You should be a registered member to be able to access library materials. When borrowing materials, a due date should be stamped on the due date slip. From this due date, each patron is allowed a once off renewal of the items they borrow after which a fine will accrue on a daily basis for each item. The library has a cut off amount for which fines can accrue before your borrowing rights can be terminated.

NB: Fines charges are subject to change anytime.

Library Orientation and Training:

The library is the hub for non- academic training such as library orientation, soft skills, etc. you are free to request training and this can be arranged either at individual basis or for a group in need.

It is however, mandatory for all new students and any interested student to attend library orientation at the beginning of the semester. Through library orientation one will be equipped with library skills that will facilitate them maneuver around the library, learn how to identify, retrieve and utilize library materials as well get to know how the library operates. For reference purposes, a summarized online orientation is found in the Library Google Class.

Plagiarism and Cheating:

Students are strongly urged to familiarise themselves with the College policies on plagiarism and cheating, to avoid failure of courses and/or possible expulsion. (See also the Lifestyle Covenant.) more details on avoiding plagiarism is on LIBGUIDES.

Reference Services:

For any help with general and reference service queries, you can be assisted by the front desk. You can also inquire through the WhatsApp platform.


The online catalogue helps users search our collection holdings at the comfort of their homes. One can log into their account and see the materials they have borrowed, place holdings, suggest purchases, and check if they have accumulated any fines.



The purpose for these rules is to help the library protect the common interest of every library user and library staff so that we can operate in a conducive environment, suitable for study and research as well as so that we can be effective in our operations. Everyone’s cooperation is needed to make this possible.  The guiding rules for using the Library are as follows:

  • Only registered library users are allowed to utilise the library resources.
  • No eating or drinking is allowed in the library
  • Users are expected to observe silence in the library
  • Silence should be put on silence mode
  • Patrons are highly expected to take care of all materials issued out to them
  • Users are liable for long overdue, stolen, lost and/or damaged material checked out on their records
  • Patrons are not to shelve back books they have used
  • Ask for assistance on issues you do not understand
  • Do not tear or fold book pagesDo not mark books with pen or pencil
  • Loss of library materials should be reported immediately to the librarian
  • Patrons are highly encouraged to clear all dues with the library every semester
  • Clients are responsible to provide the Library with a valid e-mail address via the Portal to receive Library courtesy notices on checked out items.
  • Ethical and professional conduct is required at all times within the library.
  • The library is closed on Public Holidays.
  • The following rules apply when using library computers, Patrons should not:
    • Download or install any software program
    • Play computer games
    • Download, view or send content of sexual nature or offensive images


Membership to the library is open to Registered Students, Staff, Non-academic staff, Alumni, and General readers (members of the community who are interested in reading and research).

TCZ Students:

When you register as student, you automatically become a library member, you are only required to have your library account activated.

Non TCZ student: General Readers

If you are a leader in your congregation or an individual who is interested in reading and research, you can become a library member of TCZ. You only need to register with us in either of the following categories:

Membership Type


Membership for a year

$ 30

Membership for six months

$ 15

Membership for a month

$ 2

Daily Reading

$ 1


All books from the Open shelves are for loaned out except for the reserve and reference sections which can only be read within the library. The amount of books and the loan periods for each member type are given below:





General Readers


Open Shelf Books






Loan Period

Two weeks

Two weeks

One week

One week








Reserve Shelf




Loan Period





NB: The library reserves the right to shorten the normal loan period to recall library materials before their due date when there are urgent requests such as: when the materials are needed for preparing course materials, when the materials are to be placed on reserve, inta alia.  

You are highly recommended to return the books in time to allow for fair circulation of our library resources. In case of failure to return the materials, a fine of $1 per day shall be charged. An accumulation of fines to $ 50 will result in your account being restricted from lending you materials. More information is given in the library policy handbook.


Phone numbers: +(263) 29 2287032 

Monday – Friday: 8.00am – 5.00pm

Closed Weekends and Public Holidays