General Requirements

Master of Arts in Theology

Applications for the January intake should be submitted by November 15th . Acceptance interviews will follow in early December. Applicants will be informed of the date. The interviews are normally conducted in-person and take about one hour, but applicants may have to wait, depending on the interview schedule. Alternatively, applicants from outside Bulawayo may be interviewed on-line using WhatsApp. Applicants will be notified by mid-December or early January if they have been accepted or not. To register, the applicant should indicate their intention to attend no later than January 15th . A penalty fee will be charged for late registration.


Government employees are encouraged to register early so that their applications for study leave can be processed in good time; interviews can be arranged earlier if need be.

The Masters in Theology courses may be taken on a part-time basis (i.e. three courses or less each

semester). Part-time students may take any individual courses of their choice. However, credit will not be granted for these unless the necessary spiritual and academic entrance requirements are met. Students wishing to obtain the full qualification on a part-time basis must still meet the requisite entrance requirements, apply, and be interviewed in the usual way. Such students are also strongly encouraged to take the courses in the sequence offered to avoid difficulties with pre-requisite courses.

Academic Admission Requirements

For admission to the Masters programme, applicants must have:

  • A minimum of 5 ‘O’ level passes (‘C’ grade or better) or the equivalent, including English Language, OR
  • Gained advanced standing through the Accreditation of Prior Learning route, and
  • Two ‘A’ level passes, OR
  • Through the Mature Entry route, be 23 years old for women or 25 years for men
  • An accredited and recognised three-year Diploma in Theology (with Hebrew and Greek), OR
  • An accredited and recognised Bachelors degree in Theology or related field (with Hebrew and Greek), OR
  • An accredited and recognised post-graduate Diploma in Theology or a related discipline (with Hebrew or Greek), OR
  • An accredited and recognised post-graduate Honours degree in Theology or related discipline (with Hebrew and Greek);
  • Other relevant certificates, e.g. a teaching certificate or a diploma will be an added advantage.

Note: The number of mature entry applicants may be limited in any given intake.

Spiritual and Ministry Admission Requirements:

The prospective student is expected to be a committed Christian who has already demonstrated an assurance of salvation and an active participation in the ministry of the local church or the marketplace. A detailed letter of recommendation outlining the applicant’s spiritual standing and the applicant’s ministry involvement is required. The Character Assessment Form (see pp. 66-67) is required from the applicant’s Pastor/Minister or other suitable church representative. Applicants will not be considered for study without this letter of recommendation and the Character Assessment Form.

Financial Admission Requirements:

Payment for the Masters programme can be made each semester, but should be done prior to the start of lectures. Students may apply to make monthly payment arrangements. The student is responsible to ensure that payments by the Church and/or sponsors are made in good time. Students will not be allowed to attend classes, use the Library facilities, or to sit for exams until the fees are paid.

Download and Complete the Character Assessment Form. Submit it together with your Application.

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