The Women’s Ministry exists to train and equip Christian women to do the work they are already doing in their local churches and community i.e Leading and teaching in women’s meetings, pastoral care, preaching, evangelizing, leading Prayer meetings, teaching Sunday school and many more.

The Women’s Ministry programme aims to begin and continue the process by which any woman will learn to develop, within a holistic Christian framework, her inherent skills, knowledge and understanding of her abilities. This will equip, enable and empower her to confidently work within the family, church and community structures being a positive influence on those with whom she interacts, encouraging them to embark on their own journeys of personal developments.

In the average church, 60% of the congregation members are women; this provides a need for women to be trained so that they impart the same knowledge and skills to other women to be trained so that they impart knowledge and skill to other women. Most Pastors wives need some training which equip them to effectively be help meets to their spouses hence this programme

The women’s ministry lecturer