Graduation Requirements

The general requirements noted above (see pp.16-18) can be summarised for the Women’s Ministry

programme as follows:

  1. All course work requirements completed satisfactorily
  2. All spiritual requirements and standards met satisfactorily (see Lifestyle Covenant)
  3. All ministry requirements met satisfactorily
  4. All fees paid (including Library fines)
  5. Written application received.

Academic Requirements for Graduation:

All required course work must be completed satisfactorily, with a minimum pass mark of 50% attained in each required course. Because the curricula at TCZ are dynamic and thus may be revised from time to time, course descriptions and graduation requirements may change over the course of a student’s studies.

Please note that, owing to timetable clashes or other time constraints, it may not be possible for a student to retake a failed course within the expected period of study, and graduation may be delayed as a result. In the event of timetable clashes, pre-requisite courses needing to be retaken will take precedence over other courses. Also, if the failed course is a prerequisite for subsequent courses, those courses may not be taken until the prerequisite course is passed first. A student may only re-take a failed course once; a third fail of a core course or a required elective will preclude graduation.

Spiritual Fitness Requirements for Graduation:

Attention is drawn to the Lifestyle Covenant which will be presented at Orientation and must be signed upon admission to TCZ. It is assumed that all students will have familiarised themselves with these standards and duly signed their acceptance. A breach of the covenant may result in disciplinary action and possible denial of graduation by TCZ.

Ministry Skills Requirements for Graduation

Financial Requirements for Graduation

All fees or outstanding debt, including library fines, are to be paid before a student may graduate. A student with outstanding debts may receive their transcript and certificate only after all payments are completed.

We are proud of each and every student who graduate. Some of them do their studies under very difficult circumstances in their personal lives.